IXL Introduces Best Educational Games for Young Learners in 2022

    IXL’s new educational games provide engaging ways to help students gain a deeper understanding of fundamental math and language arts concepts

    The personalized learning platform used by more than 13 million students, released more than 120 educational games covering math and English language arts skills for Pre-K through 5th grade. Each game provides a fun, new way to help students understand key grade level topics and spark a lasting love of learning.

    IXL games teach the fundamental concepts necessary to help young learners grow. They provide students with hands-on practice in topics including the alphabet, parts of speech and contractions, multiplication and more.

    IXL games provide students with hands-on practice in topics including the alphabet, parts of speech and contractions, multiplication and more.
    IXL games provide students with hands-on practice in topics including the alphabet, parts of speech and contractions, multiplication and more.

    Specially designed to fascinate young students, IXL’s games include whimsical sounds and animations that immerse children in a joyful world of learning. Within each activity, learners interact with animations, unique characters and dynamic challenges as they race to answer questions, decipher clues and earn rewards. Because IXL games are both educational and entertaining, they can be implemented in various ways in the classroom, including within a lesson, as a reward for great work and for further enrichment. In addition, each game is kidSAFE COPPA certified, meeting the high standard of quality and safety that teachers and parents can trust.

    “IXL’s carefully crafted educational games give young students enjoyable ways to enhance their knowledge and grow confidence in their skills,” said Kate Mattison, VP of Curriculum at IXL Learning. “Educators and parents now have more incredibly compelling resources that will instill a lasting eagerness to learn in children, regardless of whether they are in the classroom or at home.”

    IXL games can be accessed from the Learning section of IXL math and English language arts grade-level landing pages, and are currently available on the web version of

    IXL’s award-winning educational games personalized learning experience

    IXL’s teaching and learning platform comprises a comprehensive PK-12 curriculum and personalized guidance, instructional resources and classroom engagement tools, a first-of-its-kind assessment suite and actionable analytics for districts, schools, classrooms and individual learners. Additionally, IXL offers district partnership, professional learning and implementation services. All integrated into a single offering, each component is designed to work together seamlessly to give educators the tools and insights they need to maximize learning for every single student. Research in 37 states has shown that IXL boosts academic achievement.

    In Pre-K through 5th grade, IXL’s curriculum and learning tools are tailored to help younger learners:

    Develop a deeper understanding of math: IXL Math offers more than 2,200 standards-aligned skills for Pre-K through 5th grade to help students master essential skills through fun and interactive questions, built-in support and motivating awards. In addition, the IXL platform recently won the 2022 SIIA CODiE award for Best Math Instructional Solution for Grades PK-8 after undergoing a rigorous review by expert judges.

    Build reading fluency: IXL offers more than 1,200 standards-aligned literacy skills for grades Pre-K through 5th grade that help students build fluency in phonics and reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. With intriguing texts and engaging images, students interact with language in exciting new ways. IXL ELA was honored by the CODiE’s in 2020 and 2021 as the best solution for developing foundational English language arts skills.

    About IXL

    Currently used by 13 million students and in all of the top 100 U.S. school districts, IXL is an all-inclusive educational platform that provides a comprehensive PK-12 curriculum and instructional resources, actionable analytics and a state-of-the-art assessment suite. IXL’s end-to-end teaching and learning solution supports personalized instruction in math, English language arts, science, social studies and Spanish. With more than 100 billion questions asked and answered around the world, IXL is helping schools and parents successfully boost student achievement. The IXL Learning family of products also includes Rosetta and Curiosity Media. To learn more about IXL, visit and

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